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At TheCleaningDoc we strive to give your garments the aftercare and love they require. We apply our expertise knowledge and techniques to tackle stains and bring them back to life.

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Why let a stain ruin your favourite coat or dress, when you can hand it over to The Cleaning Doc team. We follow the highest standards of cleaning when it comes to breaking down your garment stains and reviving your items. Each and every garment is just as important to us as to you.

Ranging from your favourite football jersey to your winter coat, we value and prioritise it all.

We use our specialist chemicals to remove your marks and stains like magic, using our extensive knowledge of individual fabrics.

Our Six Steps

We take pride in our process.

1. Detailing

The piece is inspected to establish fabric type and composition techniques. It then undergoes surface surveying, allowing us to locate, identify and log marks or imperfections.

2. Stain Removal

Our skilled experts then focus on these areas to lift the marks as gently as possible. For this, they will draw upon proven traditional methods or advanced modern techniques.

3. Cleaning

After evaluating materials, construction and detailing, our experts pinpoint the most suitable treatment, including hand-cleaning, wet and dry cleaning.

4. Hand Finishing

Hand-finishing is an essential part of ensuring your shirts, dresses and home textiles look impeccable after cleaning. Pressers of the highest standard individually finish your garment to your specific requirements.

5. Inspection

Our experts inspect your garments to ensure each process has been carried out to perfection. Formal inspection takes place, with attention paid to cleanliness, appearance, the quality of any repair work carried out and impeccable hand-finishing.

6. Packaging

We appreciate the impact of aesthetics and know that effective packaging is vital for your items’ secure delivery. Using The Cleaning Doc branded custom hangers and specially designed bags and boxes, we ensure garments are returned safely to your wardrobe.

Pick up and
drop off service

We understand the inconvenience of lugging your heavy garments to the dry cleaners, that’s why we work directly off a collection & drop off service. Your items are refreshed and clean from the comfort of your own home.

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